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Because Listserv Clusterf**ks Happen at Top Five Schools, Too

New York University Law School NYU Law School Above the Law.JPGLaw school list serve trainwrecks are a staple here at ATL. We’ve written about several — see, e.g., Cumberland Law School; Washington University School of Law — and they tend to be popular with readers.
A student at NYU Law School brought a recent listserv debacle to our attention:

[This listserve controversy] touches on many law school and other legal topics. They include grades, finals, state vs. T14 schools, Jesus, the Constitution, Jesus vs. the Constitution, and [people] who were arrested at Harvard [see April 24, 2:21 AM entry] and feel the need to announce it to the whole law school.

Perhaps it’s just exam stress all around, but having just taken my crim pro final earlier today, the last bit made things extra hilarious.

The reader then included several emails from the thread. But fortunately for us, another NYU law student already collected and posted them over here (which saves us the trouble of cutting and pasting).
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A few excerpts of the excerpts:

Initial message: … I decided to compile a list of the easiest professors at NYU Law for those of us who: 1. want an easy A, and 2. don’t care about the grade and just want a B without doing a thing.

N.C., 5:31 PM: Does your mom still teach here? Because I heard that she’s REALLY easy… Best wishes trying to avoid learning in law school.

K.T., 7:05 PM: If you came to NYU Law school thinking to take shortcuts to get easy As as opposed to taking classes that you would find challenging and helpful to your understanding of law practices, here’s my nugget advice: save the money and go to a state law school.

J.S., 8:13 PM: Dear Ms. [K.T.], …. We come to NYU to take made-up classes like “Jesus & the Constitution,” “Inter-Animal Contracts,” and “International Law.” Coming to NYU for anything than intellectual masturbation or an easy job is a waste of money.

If you’re in the market for “intellectual masturbation,” this listserve exchange should be right up your alley. Read more over here.
Update: The blogger behind thisisnewyork did not reprint in full this exchange, involving “K.T.” (who is, by the way, not at the law school):

D.D.: Where were you [KT] on April 24th at 2:21 AM?

K.T., 12:02 AM: My boyfriend cheated on me and I went to confront the girl. Big deal! I am sure the ladies here would do the same.

T.H., 12:03 AM: One would think that you’d confront the boyfriend, but so it goes.

D.F., 12:04 AM: Whooo! I’m going to need one of those gigantic movie theater sodas to go with that popcorn…

Coases list [thisisnewyork]
Police Log [Harvard Crimson]

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