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A Collection of PSAs from Your Friends at ATL

bullhorn announcement public service announcement Above the Law blog.jpgWe don’t normally do this (and probably won’t make this a regular feature). But since we have a few on hand right now, we’d like to pass along the following public service announcements:
* Attention Washingtonians. There’s an interesting panel discussion taking place here in D.C. next week: “Practicing Law in the E-Court of Public Opinion: How the Internet Can Make or Break a Lawyer’s or Law Firm’s Reputation and What You Can Do About It.”
We are on the panel, along with Mark Britton of Avvo, Andrew Mirsky of Mirsky Legal, and fellow bloggers Carolyn Elefant, of My Shingle, and Jonathan Frieden, of E-Commerce Law. [Avvo Blog;]
* Attention Asian American lawyers and law students (but all are welcome; this isn’t the K&E GLBT party). There’s an interesting conference taking place next month in Philadelphia, PA: “Emerging Asia: Shedding New Light on the Legal Landscape.” We’re delivering the keynote address at dinner. [APALSA]
* Attention South Asian lawyers and law students (but again, all are welcome). There’s an interesting conference taking place next month in Los Angeles, CA: “Reflecting Back, Reaching Forward: Building on a Decade of Progress.” [NASALSA]
* Attention essayists. Check out this essay contest: “How Do We Close the Gap Between Baby Boomers and Millennials on Work/Life Balance?” It’s sponsored by Ms. JD and The Project for Attorney Retention. Prize of $1,000; entry deadline of February 29. [Ms. JD]
* Attention prospective bone marrow donors. A tipster writes:

A former Simpson Thacher associate needs a bone marrow transplant, most likely to come from someone Jewish, and we’re trying to notify as many people as possible to get on the donor list.

More details, after the jump.

Ed. note: We’ve removed the patient’s last name for privacy reasons. But if you might be willing to help, please email us (subject line: “Bone Marrow Transplant), and we will provide you with her full name.
Dear friends,
Happy New Year…
Many of you may know my friend Lisa. For those who do not, I would like to tell you about this very special woman. Lisa is 41 years young and lives in New York City with [her husband and two young children]. She is family-oriented and is fortunate to have her parents and brother close by. She works full time as an in-house attorney and while dedicated to her career, she always puts her family first.
Lisa lights up a room whenever she walks in and puts on a happy face even when her mood may not always match. She is a beautiful person inside and out, and I am so fortunate to call her my friend.
The reason I’m telling you all this is that Lisa desperately needs help….
Lisa was recently diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia – AML. This form of cancer is curable but moves very quickly. Once diagnosed, she was immediately hospitalized and has gone thru 6 weeks of intensive chemo. Unfortunately the treatments have not put her into full remission as had hoped, and it is now critical for her to have a bone marrow or stem cell transplant. Finding a donor match is her only chance. I hope you can help.
I realize this is no little request. I also realize that in saving just one life, it is said that you can save the world. Many of us have made promises of self-improvement or committed to do more or do better in the coming year. In this spirit, I ask you with all my heart to help save Lisa’s life and put her cancer into remission.
What can you do to help? First, please send this email to everyone you know. And second, please have your blood tested to see if you are a match. Lisa’s doctors begin searching the bone marrow and stem cell donor banks as early as tomorrow….
Contact the NY Blood Bank at 212-570-3441 (310 East 67th Street) and make an appointment for HLA typing. If you’re not in NY, go to or call 1-800-MARROW-2 to find the
donor center nearest you. Please let them know the test is for Lisa [redacted; but see editor’s note above] and they will know where to forward your results. You can also contact City of Hope – Lisa’s family has been in close contact with them as well.
Should the cost of the blood test be a burden, please know that we will reimburse you.
If you have any other question or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me. We truly appreciate anything you are able to do.

(hidden for your protection)

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