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An Update on Our Second Favorite Regent Law Student / Grad

Adam Key 2 Adam M Key Regent Law School Above the Law blog.jpgOne of our favorite law students in America, Adam Key, is in the news once again. As you may recall, Key is a 2L at Regent Law School, the private, Christian law school in Virginia, founded by televangelist Pat Robertson.
Key is currently at war with the Regent administration over free speech issues. The university suspended him. In November 2007, he filed a lawsuit in federal court against the university, claiming violation of his free speech rights.
Now Key has filed a complaint with the American Bar Association, seeking to revoke Regent Law’s accreditation by the ABA. For coverage, check out the Houston Chronicle and the Texas Lawyer.
We recently corresponded with Adam Key over instant messenger about the ABA complaint he just filed (among other topics). If you might be interested, you can read excerpts from our IM conversation below the fold.
P.S. With respect to the title of this post, our favorite Regent Law School student or graduate is Monica Goodling, of course. If you’re on Facebook, join her fan club.
ABA Asked to Examine Accreditation of Pat Robertson’s Law School [Texas Lawyer]
Spring man asks ABA to help him [Houston Chronicle]

Here are excerpts from our recent IM convo with Adam Key. They’ve been edited slightly for clarity. Also, the screen names used below are not our actual screen names.
ATL: greetings. happy new year!
Adam Key: you too. but it won’t be a happy one for Regent.
ATL: what’s new and exciting?
Adam Key: we filed a complaint with the ABA, seeking to revoke Regent’s accred
ATL: oooh, interesting
ATL: what are you up to these days? did you do anything fun for holidays? besides prep complaint for ABA
Adam Key: haha. just the usual. finished my tattoo sleeve on my right arm
ATL: what was there to be done? it already looked pretty elaborate.
Adam Key: that was the left arm
Adam Key: the one you saw in the papers
Adam Key: that one just needs filler still
Adam Key: it took 9 years and several lawsuits for Regent to get accred in the 1st place
ATL: wow. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ABA is all too happy to remove (or seriously consider removing) their accreditation
ATL: i have to say, i do think the aba does have a left-leaning orientation
Adam Key: when we’re successful, it’ll be the 1st time that a school has lost accred for any reason but relocation
ATL: i mean they’ve had such bad publicity last year. with your case.
Adam Key: and Goodling
ATL: so if [the ABA] can find a legitimate ground for considering removing accreditation, they will look at it
ATL: what about your studies – will you transfer if it loses accred?
Adam Key: i’m already planning to transfer to U. Houston in the Fall
Adam Key: anyone admitted to Regent before they lose accred is grandfathered in
Adam Key: if they lost accred tomorrow, the 1Ls and up would be safe
Adam Key: but anyone else who came in afterwards couldn’t take the bar most places
ATL: yeah, that pretty much screws you
Adam Key: oh yeah, our judge is Samuel Kent
ATL: LOL! he’s back on the bench
Adam Key: yep
ATL: too funny
Adam Key: i think we’re the first case he’s got
ATL: awesome
Adam Key: btw, have you researched my attorney at all?
Adam Key: former president of the Houston ACLU for the past 3 years, won the Houston Bible Courthouse case, known nationwide for having sued judges and won
ATL: wow, very impressive. how did you get hooked up w/him?
Adam Key: i saw him on the news, he was suing the judge who administratively prevented a death row appeal after the Supreme Court put a halt on all executions
Adam Key: the guy’s lawyer’s computer crashed, so they called the courthouse to request a brief extension, and instead of granting it, she ordered the courthouse doors be locked at 5pm
ATL: oh yeah, i remember that story! that judge got some horrible publicity for that
Adam Key: yup
Adam Key: oh, here’s something [else]
Adam Key: Regent specifically altered their handbook in the middle of October, mere days before they suspended me, to give themselves the power to suspend me
ATL: seems dubious. grist for the ABA mill.
Adam Key: this whole removal because we think a person is “dangerous” section did not appear in the handbook until Oct 2007 (everything about the Pat photo started in Sept 07), the handbook hadn’t previously been updated since August 2005
Adam Key: it’s a reasonable provision in light of VA Tech, but that happened in April 07. If they were so concerned about student safety, why wait 6 months to change your handbook, and why do it in the middle of a semester instead of beforehand?

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