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Uncle Cardozo Wants You: Help Nickname the Attorneys of the New York Law Department!

New York City Law Department NYC Law Dept Michael Cardozo Above the Law blog.jpgA tipster just wrote us: “Post this, and we can have at it in the comments!”
Happy to oblige. From the New York Times:

If a group is to be recognized as a significant force in municipal life, it needs a nickname. The police have been dubbed New York’s Finest longer than anyone can remember. Firefighters go by New York’s Bravest. Sanitation workers are the Strongest and correction officers the Boldest. Attempts have been made to cast public school teachers as the Brightest.

But what about the roughly 690 lawyers on the city payroll? (This is your first and last chance to insert a lawyer joke, if you must.)

Seriously, members of the city’s Law Department labor without a punchy nickname. They could use one.

So go ahead; have at it, in the comments. If enough possible nicknames are generated, we’ll take the top contenders and create a reader poll — and then pass along the winning entry to the NYC Law Department.
Always on the City’s Side in Court, and Without a Good Nickname [New York Times]

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