Weekend Non-Sequiturs: 02.10.08

Tom Cruise Thomas Cruise Thomas Mapother Cruise Scientologist Above the Law blog.jpg* What’s that you say? The IRS can’t discriminate in favor of Scientologists (and against Christians and Jews)? But this is the Ninth Circuit! [TaxProf Blog]
* Is your client a Certified A**hole? Find out by using the the A**hole Client from Hell Exam (ACHE). [Electric Pulp]
* Are legal academic conferences less fabulous than they used to be? A sucky mascot, an absence of swag, and a giant pool of…. something. [PrawfsBlawg]
* Is Wesley Snipes being sentenced too late — as in after Tax Day (April 15)? And why hasn’t he paid his property taxes on his $8 million home? [Sentencing Law and Policy via TaxProf Blog]

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