ATL Field Trip: Hohensee, J., Dissenting

Meet Richard Hohensee. He’s a homeless man here in Washington, who has been living on the D.C. streets for some two years — which has been “very convenient,” since he’s running for president (see here). We met him yesterday outside the Supreme Court, during our recent field trip.
Rick Hohensee is highly intelligent and articulate, with detailed views on the Second Amendment and the proper disposition of the Heller case, which is being argued before the Supreme Court as we post this. In case you can’t read it in the video, this is the text of his sign:

Silberman erred. DC exists so that the Second Amendment does not apply here.

Could this be the first time in human history that the name of a D.C. Circuit judge has appeared on the sign of a homeless man? (D.C. Circuit judges who get nominated to the Court, and protested as SCOTUS nominees, don’t count.)
In this short video clip, Mr. Hohensee explains why he believes Judge Silberman erred:

Two more videos featuring Rick Hohensee, in which he explains his support for Obama and his own presidential bid, after the jump.

In these two videos, he talks about voting in the recent D.C. primary — he’s got a crush on Obama — and his effort to become president “by amendment”:

Rick Hohensee: President By Amendment [MySpace]
Homeless man outside Heller argument 1 [YouTube]
Homeless man outside Heller argument 2 [YouTube]
Homeless man outside Heller argument 3 [YouTube]

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