sasso_richard copy.jpgTechnically, this New Jersey judge is our Ex-Judge of the Day, since he retired in January for “health reasons.” He is accused of PUI (presiding under the influence), bullying people in his courtroom, and tearing up a go-go bar. Oh, is that unusual behavior for a judge?

The Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct today released a complaint against a former municipal court judge from Somerset County, accusing him of multiple offenses, including presiding while intoxicated, causing a ruckus at a Bound Brook go-go bar and calling a police chief to retrieve him because he was too drunk to drive.

Richard Sasso, 52, retired from the bench earlier this year citing health reasons. He formerly served in Bridgewater, Bound Brook, Warren and Watchung.

You can check out the complaint filed against Sasso here (PDF). There are some great transcripts of Sasso abusing his judicial power. But our favorite line was uttered to a bartender at Torpedo’s Go Go Bar, a “gentleman’s club,” of course:

“Do you know who I am? I’m the Bound Brook judge.”

Not anymore.
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