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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 2.24 and 3.2: Cancún Honeymoon

Spring! Cherry blossoms, opening day, and pedigreed lawyers uniting in marriage. We’re pleased to be back with another installment of Legal Eagle Wedding Watch, featuring these three impressive couples:

1.) Susannah Foster and Kenyon Weaver
2.) Kathleen DeLaney and Courtney Thomas
3.) Heath Kern and Joseph Gibson

More on our finalists, after the jump.

Foster-Weaver2.jpg1.) Susannah Foster and Kenyon Weaver
(Buy them a pasta bowl.)
The Case:
– Susannah and Kenyon, both 3Ls at Georgetown, are law school lovebirds who met in a study group organized by the gunner groom.
– Their twin Georgetown degrees can share wall space with his-and-hers diplomas from Harvard undergrad. Very solid, although it hardly need be said that we’d prefer to see the Georgetown undergrad and Harvard law combination.
– Susannah will be clerking for Judge Henry H. Kennedy Jr. of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. We’re not familiar with Judge Kennedy’s body of work, but he sure does look distinguished (and, according to some, “dashing”). Kenyon will be joining White & Case as an associate.
The Case Against:
– Too many damn lawyers in this family. The mother of the groom and both parents of the bride are members of the profession. A circus ringmaster or a drill press operator would have been nice. And there’s no picture. (Update: A friend of the couple was kind enough to forward us their individual pictures.)

DeLaney-Thomas.jpg2.) Kathleen DeLaney and Courtney Thomas
(Buy them a sushi board.)
The Case:
– Another two-JD couple. Kathleen and Courtney met at NYU Law. He did his undergrad at Duke; she was summa at William & Mary.
– Kathleen is specializing in tax at Cooley Godward Kronish (and studying for an LLM in tax at NYU in her spare time), while Courtney is doing banking and finance at Richards Kibbe & Orbe.
– We confess that we picked up on a slight looks discrepancy in Kathleen’s favor from their NYT photo. That was before we feasted our eyes on this. Memo to Richards Kibbe & Orbe: Please require Courtney to pose like that ten hours a day in your lobby. Opposing counsel will be awed; potential clients will be aroused. And double his salary. (Kathleen’s work pic isn’t bad either.)
The Case Against:
– They got married on a Monday by a New York City Clerk, then had a Roman Catholic priest bless their marriage the following Saturday in Cancún. There’s a story there, probably involving a parental tantrum or two.

Kern-Gibson.jpg3.) Heath Kern and Joseph Gibson
(Buy them a box grater.)
The Case:
– Excellent educational cred. Heath went to Denison and has a master’s in public administration from Harvard; Joseph was magna at Yale and has a JD from Yale Law School.
– Heath works for the State Department, where she manages Internet operations and blogs at Dipnote, the State Department blog. (Seriously, was that the best name they could come up with?) Joseph is of counsel at Constantine Cannon in Washington; he was formerly chief minority counsel for the House Judiciary Committee.
– Heath’s dad used to head the M&A group at Sullivan & Cromwell; he’s now senior counsel at the firm.
The Case Against:
– They’re 43 (her) and 46 (him). But no previous marriages are mentioned, so they only get a minor deduction.
The Verdict:

Oh please, like there’s any doubt. Team DeLaney-Thomas, you’ve shaken LEWW out of our winter doldrums with your sterling credentials and sizzling good looks. Congratulations!

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