Non-Sequiturs: 03.24.08

Carter Phillips Carter G Phillips Carter Philips Sidley Austin Above the Law blog.jpg* Noted SCOTUS litigator Carter Phillips (right) promises Tony Mauro that he will drop the F-bomb and S-bomb before the Supreme Court. [Legal Times (subscription)]
* Is the California Supreme Court the most influential state supreme court? Or are they just the biggest troublemakers? [Sophistic Miltonian Serbonian Blog ©]
* Congratulations! “U.S. States Lead the World in High Corporate Taxes.” [Tax Foundation via TaxProf Blog]
* How Barack Obama charmed his way into the hearts — and pocketbooks — of leading D.C. lawyers. [WSJ Law Blog]
* Meanwhile, prominent Republican lawyer Doug Kmiec endorses Obama. [Slate: Convictions]
* Law prof Stephen Bainbridge pines for an Apple-designed e-book reader. [Punditry: Professor Bainbridge]
* Move over, Facebook. From Blawg Review #152: “Blawg Review is not just a blog, it’s a clever social networking concept.” [TechnoLawyer]

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