Non-Sequiturs: Eliot Spitzer Special Edition

Kristen 2 Eliot Spitzer Ashley Youmans Ashley Alexandra Dupre Above the Law blog.JPGIn honor of Eliot Spitzer’s announced resignation as governor of New York, we bring you this special edition of Non-Sequiturs: a collection of links all related to Governor Spitzer — yes, technically he’s governor until Monday the 17th — and his spectacular sex scandal.
* As we can see from comments on other posts, many of you have already discovered her. But in case you haven’t, meet Ashley Alexandra Dupre (née Ashley Youmans), aka — or dba? — “Kristen.” [New York Times (“I just don’t want to be thought of as a monster.”); MySpace (profile, with music samples); (screencap of her Emperors Club profile, with redactions); The Smoking Gun (photos)]
(The NYT piece mentions that Kristen’s billing rate at the Emperors Club was $1,000 an hour — on a par with these legal titans, partners at major law firms who are leaders in their fields. She’s more expensive than the famed David Boies, who charges $800 per hour.)
* Professor Rick Hills considers the federalism implications of a Mann Act prosecution against Eliot Spitzer. [PrawfsBlawg]
* What should Eliot Spitzer do now? Some might say: Go to Disney World! But a better fit might be Miami, as Jim Oliphant explains. [The Swamp / Chicago Tribune]
* It was only a matter of time before “Client #9″ spawned a T-shirt line. [Cafe Press]
* Remember the old term “Spitzerism”? Feel free to suggest alternative definitions for it now. [BeldarBlog]
* Maybe we should be rooting for Governor Spitzer: he tried to place himself “above the law.” [The Yin Blog]

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