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ATL March April Madness for Law Firms, Round 1: The Sweet Sixteen

We realize we are a bit late on March Madness. Given that all the #1-seeded teams are headed to the Final Four for the first time in NCAA basketball history, we assume your brackets are rubbish and you are open to distraction. Last year, we held a March Madness contest for law schools. UVA Law School came out on top.

This year, we give you ATL March April Madness for Law Firms!!!!

Brackets are based on Vault rankings. We wonder if Vault seeds will be as accurate as those by the NCAA tournament selection committee.
March Madness copy.jpg
Here’s how the tournament will work. Law firms will advance to the next round based on reader polls, in which we ask you which law firm is “cooler.” You can define that however you choose.
The polls are available after the jump. Polls close at the end of the day!

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