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Judge of the Day: Steven Servaas

Servaas.jpgMichigan brings us today’s Judge of the Day, and there’s a shout-out to the University of Michigan… sort of. Rockford District Judge Steven Servaas never grew out of the middle school humor stage. Apparently, he likes to doodle on court documents and make jokes about chest size:

The State Judicial Tenure Commission is trying to force Servaas off the bench with claims he made inappropriate remarks to female court employees, drew inappropriate cartoons featuring male and female body parts on court documents, and lived outside of the area his Rockford court covers.
One of the allegations involves a remark Servaas admits making to a female court worker, Rebecca Andrus.
It involved a University of Michigan sweatshirt she wore during a November 2007 retirement party at the court’s Grand Rapids Township Division and her chest size.
“I said Beck, if you are going to wear a sweatshirt like that, you need bigger chest or a smaller school, like Albion, or, I mean Alma,” said Servaas.
“Do you think it’s acceptable to make jokes of a sexual nature with employees and staffers?” he was asked by Paul Fisher, the attorney for the Tenure Commission.
“It wasn’t sexual,” Servaas replied. “It was a party and yeah, I go to a party to make jokes and hear jokes.”

We go to parties to hear and make jokes too, but that’s a bad one! We bet no one at the party, or in the court, laughed.
He’s also in trouble for living outside of his district, showing his jock strap to female co-workers at a Christmas party, and drawing what looked like a penis on court files. He denies the doodling and says no one saw him draw it. Hmmm….. We love that this story comes to us from Wood TV.
Embattled judge takes the stand [WOODTV]

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