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February Bar Results Are Here: Open Thread

bar exam studying for bar exam Above the Law.jpgBack in February, we wished them good luck. And now, some two months later, February bar exam takers are learning their fates. From a tipster:

Any chance of a story on February bar results? They’re starting to come out. WA [just released] its results online, admittedly a completely unrepresentative sample, but where I took the bar.

This would be a good topic for ATL’s new Community section. But since nobody has posted on it over there, we’ll give you this here open thread.

New York, one popular jurisdiction among ATL readers, allows candidates to look up whether they passed this Wednesday, May 7, at 9 AM (EDT). Another major jurisdiction, California, makes results available to candidates a bit later: Friday, May 16, at 6 PM (PDT).

Back to our tipster:

As I understand it, the February takers are a motley assortment of clerks who liked the jurisdiction where they are clerking enough to take a second bar exam, people who forgot to take PR and graduated in December, part-time students with weird grad dates, and people who failed the July bar.

Paulina Bandy, this bud’s for you.

February 2008 Bar Exam Results [New York State Board of Law Examiners]

February 2008 California Bar Examination Pass List [State Bar of California]

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