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Adventures in Lawyer Advertising: It’s Dress-Up Barbie Time!

Check out the fabulously fun attorney bio page of the North Carolina-based Van Winkle Law Firm. Each of the attorneys has a normal bio, featuring practice highlights and professional affiliations. But the firm has decided to liven up some of their lawyers’ profiles with links to an alternate bio — click on the “Meet [Lawyer Name]” link at the bottom of the page — which reveals the attorney’s hobbies, likes and dislikes. (Okay, there aren’t dislikes, but there should be.)
Each attorney with an alternate bio has dual photos. One is the staid, professional photo, and the other is a “character photo,” giving visual clues to their interests outside of work. It reminds us of playing dress up with Barbie and Ken dolls.
For example, this one goes from boring lawyer to crazy biker!
Van Winkle Law Firm Lawyer Ken.jpg
Witness the other transformations — note that you can click on each image to be taken directly to the featured lawyer’s webpage — after the jump.

If you’re not in BigLaw and you’re based in North Carolina, you actually have time for outside interests, such as cooking…
Van Winkle Law Firm Lawyer Barbie.jpg
… and tennis…
Van Winkle Law Firm Lawyer Ken Tennis Ken.jpg
…. and killing sprees?
Van Winkle Law Firm Jason Halloween Ken.jpg
We commend the Van Winkle Law Firm for having a sense of humor and whimsy. And we hope that they don’t take down these fun bios now that we’ve linked to them. As we’ve noted before, sometimes we have an “anti-Midas touch”: things that we link to have a habit of disappearing. See, e.g., here, here, and here.
Van Winkle Law Firm: North Carolina Lawyers & Attorneys [official website]

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