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ATL International: ‘We were just role-playing a German prison, not a Nazi German prison.’

Mosley_orgy.jpgBritish barrister Max Mosley is the president of the International Automobile Federation (F.I.A.). When he’s not overseeing Formula One, he’s allegedly into sadomasochistic sex play. Unfortunately for him, a $5,000 “party” that he arranged was caught on hidden cameras by News of the World, a British tabloid. The encounter, now on YouTube, involved German prison guards and lots of spanking.

Mosley is now seeking punitive damages from News of the World for invasion of privacy — and for giving the story a Nazi spin. Such suits are almost never a good move from a PR-standpoint, since the trial brings even more attention to the source of embarrassment. Now every one from the New York Times to ESPN is reporting on it.

Taking the witness stand at the start of a two-week High Court hearing, Mosley said he had paid $5,000 for the “party,” but insisted no Nazi fantasies were involved. The News of the World said participants wore German-style uniforms and spoke in German as they acted out scenes involving prisoners and guards.

Mosley said he and the women had acted out a German prison scenario, but without any military aspect.

Next time, Mosley should probably stick to British prison scenarios, to avoid the possible Nazi confusion.

The Nazi allegations are especially sensitive because Mosley is the son of the late Oswald Mosley, leader of Britain’s fascist movement before World War II and a friend of Adolf Hitler.

“There was not even a hint of that,” Mosley said of the Nazi claims. He said he could “think of few things more unerotic than Nazi role-play.”

But, apparently, having a prison guard tell him to bend over a bench does the trick. More salacious details, after the jump.

While the New York Times article talks a bit about the privacy aspect, it also has fun with the juicy details emerging from the trial:

On Tuesday, he was supported by four of the five women involved, each granted anonymity by the court and each of them presenting sadomasochism as something quite normal. Mr. Mosley testified on Monday that the caning he underwent in the session had drawn blood, but he said that people engaging in frequent canings developed sensitive skin and “bleed very easily.”

One of the women involved in the Chelsea session, identified only as Miss D and introducing herself to the court as a doctoral student at a British university, said being caned was “certainly not everybody’s cup of tea,” but was enjoyable for her. The woman, who appeared to be in her early 30s, added, “I’d rather do this by far than go to the dentist.”

The dentist is just the sadomasochism without the sex, so that’s no fun.

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