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Where Have All the Summer Associate Scandals Gone?

New York Observer Aquagirl cartoon.jpgThat’s the question we attempt to tackle in our latest New York Observer column. It’s illustrated with an Aquagirl cartoon, seen in miniature at right. Click on the thumbnail to be taken to the article, where you can see the original version at full size.

In the piece, we lament the relative dearth of summer associate stories this year. It certainly has been a quiet summer at New York law firms.

But with respect to the rest of the country, did we speak too soon? We’re hearing some delicious SA gossip out of Minneapolis.

But we’d like to get more details and confirmation before running with it. If you can help us out, please email us. Thanks.

Update: Martha Neil of the ABA Journal gives us a kind shout-out over here.

Further Update: You can read about the Minneapolis summer associate story over here.

Tart Reform! Facing Heat, Legal Ladies and Laddies Stay Buttoned [New York Observer]

Law Blogger Laments Lack of Summer Associate Scandals [ABA Journal]

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