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Breaking: Judge Halverson Passes Out; Hearing Postponed

Elizabeth Halverson small Judge Elizabeth Halverson Liz Halverson Above the Law blog.JPGThis just in, from a West Coast tipster who has been following L’Affaire Halverson obsessively:

Halverson passes out at hearing; adjourned due to medical reasons. Based on live observations…

Update: More details from the AP:

A disciplinary hearing for a suspended Nevada state judge has been postponed, after she reported she felt ill.

The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline suspended the hearing in its fifth day after Clark County District Court Judge Elizabeth Halverson’s lawyer said the diabetic judge experienced a hypoglycemic, or low blood sugar, episode.

The hearing is due to resume next Thursday and Friday in Las Vegas.

Further Update: More from our Halverson-obsessed tipster, after the jump.

Our tipster writes:

The Chairman announced that the commissioners had decided to suspend the proceedings because “clearly” Halverson had suffered “an event” during the proceeding, but before it did so wanted Halverson’s consent….

Halverson, who looked subdued, said she suffered a “hypoglycemic” incident. I could not tell if she was faking or what. [She said,] “I kind of feel like I can continue, but on the other hand, people are telling me I don’t look so good.”

Chairman then comments on how stressful things are and adjourns hearing. Sympathy ploy or the real deal, I could not say.

Suspended judge reports illness, hearing postponed [AP]

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