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Follow-up: Lawsuit of the Epoch

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Last year, ATL brought you the story of Ernie Chambers, the Nebraska state legislator who sued God for terrorizing millions of Earth’s inhabitants with earthquakes and floods.
Ernie Chambers 1.jpgThis week, Sen. Chambers appeared before Judge Marlon Polk to argue that the suit should move forward despite his failure to serve notice on God:

“Despite my most sincere, zealous efforts, I could not find a location to serve the defendant,” Chambers said. But Chambers asked Polk to take official notice of God, and the Almighty’s omniscience and omnipresence.

Despite Sen. Chambers’s argument that the defendant had constructive notice of the suit, God failed to make a special appearance. Under Nebraska law, if God did not make himself available, one of His many registered agents could have accepted service of process.
minimum contacts.jpgIn his original complaint, Sen. Chambers did not address the manageability problems inherent in a class action suit with approximately 6.7 billion potential plaintiffs.

A spiritual presence was palpable in the courtroom, as Judge Polk displayed the patience of a saint in dealing with the matter.
God declined to comment for this story, citing an ongoing investigation into the fate of Sen. Chambers’s soul.

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