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I Would Do Anything for Law School
(But I Won’t Do That)

Arthur Miller Arthur H Miller breast licker.jpgWe know, from email correspondence and comments, that a fair number of aspiring law school students read this blog. To them we pose this question: How badly do you want to get into law school?
From Inside Higher Ed:

Arthur H. Miller (pictured), professor of political science at the University of Iowa [Ed. note: not that Arthur Miller], was arrested Friday on bribery charges related to accusations that he told female students he would give them higher grades if they let him fondle their breasts….

In one case, a student who said she was not doing well in class went to meet him and says that he told her she “would have to do something” and then grabbed and sucked on her breast. The student said that the professor sent her an e-mail congratulating her on earning an A+ and offered to meet to help her get into law school.

What would Professor Miller have written in this student’s recommendation? That she has “an impressive body of work”? That her breasts “are succulent and delicious”? Not sure any of that would be germane to performance in law school (although some say the same about the LSAT).
UI prof faces bribery charges [Iowa City Press-Citizen via Inside Higher Ed]

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