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Summer Associate of the Day the Mid-1990s: The Necklace Maker

pearl necklace Wachtell Lipton Rosen Katz.jpgBased on your feedback, it seems that the story of office sex between two Skadden summer associates may just be urban legend. But we don’t feel that bad, since it’s a story that very well could have happened — and surely has, in other years or at other firms.
As promised, we’re going to make it up to you with a story from our former firm that is similar to the Skadden one. Having heard this tale from multiple sources during our time there, with no divergences in the pertinent details, we believe it to be true (although we do admit it’s old, from the mid-1990s).
The story, while perfectly safe for work, does include reference to a specific sexual act (hinted at by the image at right). If this offends your sensibilities, please stop reading here. We try to keep the ATL front page PG-rated.
But if you’re cool with this, read more, after the jump.

A summer associate at Wachtell Lipton routinely had his girlfriend visit him in the office at night. They would proceed to have sex in his office after his officemate left. This was “remarkably retarded,” in the words of one WLRK lawyer, given that Wachtell is often a beehive of activity at 10 PM, 11 PM, and beyond.
On one such evening, after one of their liaisons, the girlfriend is in the bathroom. She’s stripped to the waist, standing in front of the sink, and washing the obvious remnants of a pearl necklace from her bosom area.
A tax partner walks into the bathroom and sees the young woman en deshabille, scrubbing away at her “girls.” The young woman cowers, frantically trying to cover herself up. Without batting an eye, the tax partner says: “We have showers here, you know.”
End result: the fellow didn’t get an offer. But Wachtell Lipton got a summer associate story that has been lovingly passed down from one class to the next — and now to the world at large, via the interwebs.
P.S. Given the demands it places on its associates, Wachtell would probably be fine with its associates satisfying all their needs — yes, all of them — without leaving 51 West 52nd Street. But the Necklace Maker displayed poor judgment and a lack of discretion.
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