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BlackBerry v. Spouse

blackberry mana.JPGBuzzing around the internet today is a ridiculous study from the Chicago Sun Times:

A new survey found that about 35 percent of professionals would pick their PDAs over their spouses if they had to choose.

A surprising 87 percent take their personal digital assistants into their bedrooms, and 84 percent check them just before going to bed and as soon as they wake up, according to a work-life survey from Sheraton Hotels & Resorts. Another 85 percent say they look at their PDAs in the middle of the night.

Sounds to me like 35 percent of professionals do not fully understand the ramifications of losing half their stuff.

But what’s worse is that many readers have emailed the story to ATL contending that the numbers for professionals “in the law” would be much, much higher.

Let’s settle this after the jump.

I’ve placed bets around the internet that less than 30% of ATL’s readership would chose to pda with their PDAs instead of with their spouses (I’ll admit it, I’m chasing. Go to hell Brett Favre).

swans that make you want to cry.JPGI know that some readers out there are stuck in terrible marriages, and I know that some readers have given up hope of ever finding someone spectacular enough to understand true greatness. But come on, a BlackBerry?

So what will it be? The old ball and chain or the new electronic chain? Vote below. And if you vote “incorrectly” please immediately seek the help you need.

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