Morning Docket

Morning Docket 09.15.08

texting hate.gif* While the vultures descend on Lehman, another big company joins the death watch. Insurance giant American International Group is looking to sell off its major assets. [New York Times]
* Does $10 for unlimited monthly text messaging seem high to you? Maybe it will change. An antitrust class action suit has been filed against the big four: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint-Nextel, and T-Mobile. [Courthouse News Service]
* Roy Pearson is still mourning those lost pants. The appeal in the case of the $54 million pants is set for next month. [Legal Times]
* Are price-gouging investigations during hurricanes the new trend among attorneys general? Florida AG Bill McCollum will investigate gas stations’ response to the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Ike in Texas. [Bay News 9]
* New York AG Andrew Cuomo is more concerned about the student loan industry. [The Ticker]

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