Non-Sequiturs: 09.30.08

gossip girl.JPG* Would somebody please design an appropriate scoring system so we can gamble on this bracket? [TechCrunch]

* Corporette continues their ongoing series of things every girl needs in her office. Apparently, one pair of panties isn’t enough for today’s working woman. [Corporette]

* Congratulations to Allyson Newton Ho, a member of the Elect (OT 2002 / O’Connor) and wife of Texas Solicitor General Jim Ho, who joins Morgan Lewis as a partner — the latest addition to former Texas SG Ted Cruz’s appellate litigation dream team. [Morgan, Lewis & Bockius]

* The first duty of an in-house counsel really needs to be CYA. [Law and More]

* xoxo, Yale. [Gawker]

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