Non-Sequiturs 9.19.08

lap dancer and idiot.JPG* Maybe I’m a prude, but I really don’t understand how lap dances are socially acceptable. Somebody walks by and puts their butt in my face. If I give them money, they keep doing it; if I slap it away, I get in trouble? At the very least, shouldn’t it work the other way around? [WSJ Law Blog]

* Yes, NYU Law professors, we are laughing at you. No, not with you. At you. [TaxProf Blog]

* Good job, ATL readers. Our collective level of panic forced the eighth-richest man in America to tell his company “get back in there and chill them n***$$ out!” []

* This should be an interesting weekend out in Heller-land. [Heller Highwater]

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