September 2008

  • Drugs, Lawsuit of the Day, Sexual Harassment

    Lawsuit of the Day: Is Sexual Assault Supposed to be Part of the Tour?

    Five women embarked on Starline’s Haunted Hollywood Tour, expecting to hear celebrity tales of sex, drugs, and depravity. But it sounds like they inadvertently signed up for an immersion tour, with a guide who was drunk, high, and verbally and sexually abusive. Now they’re suing. From Courthouse News Service: Five women say their host on […]

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  • Job Survey

    Associate Life Survey: Too Many New Faces?

    In today’s ATL / Lateral Link survey, we turn our attention to first-year associates. Last month, we reported that a lot of practicing attorneys don’t really like summer associates: The number of practicing attorneys who said “Summer associates, hate ’em” narrowly beat the number of practicing attorneys who said “Summer associates, love ’em,” by a […]

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  • Wall Street

    Meltdown Roundup For Litigators

    We have extensively covered the law firms shaking and baking thanks to the market collapse over the past few weeks. But the M&A and bankruptcy lawyers are only half of the clusterf&^%. Which litigators will get work as old Wall Street business models die spectacular deaths? LegalTimes reports that O’Mel­veny & Myers is set up […]

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  • Associate Advice, pls hndle thx, Secretaries / Administrative Assistants

    Pls Hndle Thx:
    Help! My Secretary’s an Idiot

    * Can Warren Buffett save Wall Street? [New York Times] * Everyone’s scrambling to get involved in cleaning up the financial industry meltdown. Even the F.B.I. [Los Angeles Times] * Warning to travelers in Muslim countries: Please refrain from having sex on the beach. [Reuters] * “Dude, FGM is not cool.” Okay, maybe that’s not […]

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  • Attorney Misconduct, Biglaw, Legal Ethics, Musical Chairs, Partner Issues, Weirdness

    Former Sullivan & Cromwell Partner Resigns for Defrauding Clients and the Firm (to the tune of $500K)

    Back in July, we were the first to wonder about the mysterious departure from Sullivan & Cromwell of Carlos Spinelli-Noseda, a rising star at the über-prestigious (and profitable) law firm. Some commenters viewed our interest in his departure as unseemly, prying, or reflecting bias against S&C. We don’t mean to gloat — okay, maybe just […]

    / Sep 23, 2008 at 8:33 PM
  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 09.23.08

    * Can you enforce a relationship exclusivity contract? And what kind of loser couple would sign such a contract? [Overlawyered] * Florida Law Review just discovered audio recordings. Next up for the tastefully named “FlaLaw Online,” the editors tackle the mysterious telephone that doubles as a phonograph. [How Appealing] * I wish somebody would have […]

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  • Law Firm Mergers

    Law Firm Merger Mania: Seyfarth Shaw + Squire Sanders?

    Here is yet another rumor — somewhat better sourced than the Thacher Proffitt / King & Spalding rumor, but a rumor nonetheless — about a possible law firm merger. Word on the street is that Seyfarth Shaw is seeking a merger partner. This should not come as a shock, since Seyfarth has been stumbling a […]

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  • Bad Ideas, State Judges

    And you thought you were having a crappy day…

    We like the occasional poo-poo joke here at ATL, but we’re torn between amusement and disgust in the case of Cornell Tyler, 37, who is being tried for murder in Markham Courthouse in Illinois. His actions give new meaning to Freud’s anal-sadistic phase. Tyler used sandwich bags from lunch to create excrement bombs on Thursday. […]

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  • Shopping, Shopping For Others

    A Partner’s Wet Dream

    Remember that scene in Ferris Bueller where Ferris’s mom is home a little early and gently opens the door to his room? With the pulleys and the mannequin and the sound system Ferris is able to convince his mom that he is in his bed comfortably sleeping. With a little ingenuity Perfect Plush could give […]

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  • Clerkships

    Harvard Has Early Lead Among Federal Clerk Placements

    Coming into this week, Harvard Law School had placed 58 federal clerks, leading all law schools. That is not altogether surprising, given the Cretaceous size of HLS classes. Yale is only clocking in with 14 (9th place) clerks. But it’s early yet. It’s just important that Eli-the-bulldog doesn’t drop his bone in the river trying […]

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  • Wall Street

    Debevoise & Plimpton: Doing Well in the Downturn

    Remember the Davis Polk “internal memo” from last week, touting the firm’s success at navigating the perilous waters of Wall Street? Other firms are following DPW’s lead, taking the opportunity to toot their own horns about how well they’re doing despite — or perhaps because of — the financial system meltdown. From a firm-wide email […]

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  • Uncategorized

    GULC Me Mick. GULC Me.

    Grade inflation happens at lot of schools. Maybe even most of them. But when a prominent professor and alumna calls your grading system “such a fraud,” well that is a school we should all be lucky enough to attend. Some highlights for people that cannot watch YouTube at work: Van Susteren: Have you ever graded? […]

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  • Politics, Securities and Exchange Commission, Securities Law

    Is Wachtell Now A Branch Of Government?
    Should They Be?

    First of all, never ever shoot your cerebellum up with botulism two days before a deadline. God. My head hurts. Yet, I rise … Here we go. “Listen, go work somewhere where people like you… I mean, really like you. Then, you can screw up, and it doesn’t even matter. Hope, just go somewhere where […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket 09.23.08

    * Charges against porn producer stand despite the Alex Kozinski controversy. [San Jose Mercury News] * You get ripped off by some guy. You sue the guy. You’re awarded damages. The guy starts paying you back. The guy declares bankruptcy. You have to pay the guy back. Huh? [Associated Press] * Wisconsin inmate is awarded […]

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  • Federalist Society, Gay, Gay Marriage

    Skadden Partner Walks Into the Lion’s Den Society

    * McKinsey & Co. doesn’t care about your law firm’s operations, but these 100 people do. [Lawdragon] * Bruce MacEwen explains exactly why the era of Wall Street is over. New York City is going to have to find a new tax base. [Adam Smith, Esq.] * Taking a picture of Jamie Lynn Spears breast […]

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