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Remember This Guy? I Think He’s Still The President.

Bush war crimes.JPGBack in June, we reported on Massachusetts School of Law at Andover’s intention to plan the prosecution of President Bush for war crimes, via teleconference.
Ignoring the advice of sane people, the unaccredited law school went ahead with their conference, this weekend. Dean of MSL Lawrence Velvel had this to say about President:

He is a former drunk, was a serial failure in business who had to repeatedly be bailed out by daddy’s friends and wanna-be-friends, was unable to speak articulately despite the finest education(s) that money and influence can buy, has a dislike of reading, so that 100-page memos have to be boiled down to one page for him, is heedless of facts and evidence, and appears not even to know the meaning of truth.

Tell us what you really think, Mr. Velvel. But does anything there rise to the level of war crime?
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Check out the panel that participated in the video conference:

* Los Angeles prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, author of the best-selling “The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder.”
* Phillippe Sands, Professor of Law and Director of the Centre of International Courts and Tribunals at University College, London.
* Jordan Paust, Professor of Law at the University of Houston.
* Ann Wright, a former U.S. Army colonel and U.S. Foreign Service official.
* Peter Weiss, Vice President of the Center For Constitutional Rights.
* Benjamin Davis, Associate Professor at the University of Toledo College of Law.
* David Lindorff, journalist and co-author of “The Case for Impeachment: Legal Arguments for Removing President George W. Bush from Office.”
* Colleen Costello of Human Rights USA.
* Christopher Pyle, a professor at Mt. Holyoke.

Heavyweights, right?
Is there a case to be made that Bush is guilty of war crimes? We’re not sure. But there’s a better chance of seeing a gravity defying Dutchman then of ever seeing an American President stand trial in the Hague. So it is unclear to us what Lawrence Velvel and his panel can really hope to accomplish.
Andover law school convenes Bush War Crimes Conference [Raw Story]
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