Adventures in Lawyer Advertising: Sloppy Desk Appeal?

We’ve said in the past that most law firm websites are fairly dry, and named the split personality website of North Carolina’s Van Winkle Law Firm as an exception.

Well, another experimental law firm website has crossed our desk, er, computer screen. It belongs to James Hugh Potts II’s Atlanta-based firm: The firm “helps people with catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases.” It is interactive, and involves a desk, post-it notes, a napkin with a coffee stain, ancient Tibetan proverbs, pro se-esque bios in “About Us”, and childhood photos of the attorneys with their bios.

We echo the sentiments of our tipster:

If you want a laugh. I think it’s real.

Screenshot below. Check out the interactive version here. What do you think?


It’s like a touchy-feely hybrid of Myst and The Office. We kind of love it.

James Hugh Potts II, Trial Lawyer

(hidden for your protection)

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