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Heller Ehrman: A Time To Kill Sue

Heller Ehrman LLP Above the Law blog.JPGThree Heller Ehrman employees have decided to sue the firm. They allege that the firm owes them wages under the WARN act, as well as the California state labor code.

According to The Recorder:

The named plaintiffs are Laura Werth, a technology assistant in San Francisco who joined the firm in September 1996; Carl Goodman, a senior manager of business development in Seattle who joined the firm in September 2005; and Anna Scarpa, a manager of professional services who joined the firm in October 2006. Werth and Goodman were laid off on Oct. 10, while Scarpa was laid off Oct. 17.

Matthew Helland, the Nichols Kaster attorney representing the employees, could ask for $5 million in damages.

Heller management must have seen this coming, but that doesn’t mean they will prevail.

Read the complaint here.

Heller Faces Class Action Suit by Laid-Off Employees [Law.com]

Welch, Goodman, and Scarpa v. Heller Ehrman.pdf

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