Layoff Update: Jenner & Block

Jenner Block LLP logo Abovethelaw Above the Law legal tabloid.JPGThere are a couple of updates to this morning’s post about the 10 Jenner & Block partners that have been laid off.

Many people emailed us claiming that six associates were also let go. And there are six associate bios that we expected to see that are no longer on the firm website. But the firm maintains that no associates will be leaving with the partners:

Jenner & Block did not recently lay off six associates and does not plan to do so in the near future.

We have a long-standing policy of not publicly commenting on individual personnel matters. As in all law firms, associates join and leave the Firm for various reasons. Some of the associates who have left this year have joined clients as in-house lawyers, some have returned to school, some have joined other law firms. Associates also leave to join the government, work for not-for-profit organizations or personal reasons. Some associates are asked to leave due to performance.

As we’ve suggested before, not every associate departure is a “layoff.” Natural attrition and simple poor performance can cause any individual person to leave a firm. Jenner not only denied the specific associate layoff rumors that we have heard, they also essentially promised that associates were safe. That’s a stronger response than some other firms have offered.

We’ll keep an eye out for “performance reviews” that start to look like patterns.

But is the partner bloodletting finished? After the jump.

Another source reports that partners might still be on the chopping block:

[L]ikely to see more [partners leaving], with significant de-equitization and re-allocation of equity. People at the firm are PISSED that [managing partner Susan] Levy is talking to the press before addressing the firm. The original number we heard was 30. … [A]nyone not in line with the “new regime” [could be] in trouble.

This report is just a rumor. But it is another data point that suggests the “don’t worry be happy” firm meeting was a bit overstated.

Keep your heads on a swivel. More layoff news involving more firms is bound to come forward.

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