Morning Docket

Morning Docket 10.31.08

Halloween pumpkins.jpg* Texan Toxic Tort attorney Fred Baron has died. His profile went national this year due to his support for John Edwards (and his mistress) and his campaign to secure an experimental drug to treat his cancer. [Dallas Morning News]

* New York AG Andrew Cuomo is on the case of big executive bonuses in the wake of the bank bailout. [New York Times]

* New York divorce lawyers aren’t very good at making their marriage work. [Newsday]

* Ohio may be the new Florida this election. [New York Times]

* Here’s a horror story for you. Paralegal beheads a gang member, puts pieces of the body in plastic, and buries them. His attorney/employer is defending him, saying his paralegal “did not have a chance to call 911.” Happy Halloween! [Associated Press]

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