October 2008

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    The James Bond of Columbia Law School: Philip Bobbitt

    We have a soft spot for Columbia Law School, especially after our excellent visit there on Wednesday (“our” = Lat + Kash). Thanks to the CLS Federalist Society, the sponsor of our talk, for the warm welcome. We also have a soft spot for celebrity professors. Meet Columbia law prof Philip Bobbitt — no relation […]

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    Fried Frank Turns Holiday Party into a Robin Hood Affair

    Given the list of associate “perks” firms could be cutting back on during these tough economic times, the latest news from Fried Frank seems very reasonable. Associates at Fried Frank were told today: Dear All, In light of continued turmoil in the financial markets and the wider economy, and the effect it is having on […]

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  • Advertising

    Adventures in Lawyer Advertising: Sloppy Desk Appeal?

    We’ve said in the past that most law firm websites are fairly dry, and named the split personality website of North Carolina’s Van Winkle Law Firm as an exception. Well, another experimental law firm website has crossed our desk, er, computer screen. It belongs to James Hugh Potts II’s Atlanta-based firm: JHPII.com. The firm “helps […]

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  • Job Searches, Summer Associates

    Accept Your Offers: Part the Fourth

    Today’s installment of our ongoing series about law students who are determined to screw around comes with information about Proskauer Rose’s summer program. According to multiple tipsters, Proskauer is not directly rescinding offers (like Akin Gump did), but they are encouraging students who have received offers to consider other options for the summer. We’re pretty […]

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    Former Skadden Attorneys Questioned on Business Background

    Whenever there is a layoff announcement, some readers point out that lawyers are not particularly good business people. Even lawyers that leave Biglaw for big business have their acumen called into question. The latest evidence comes from a conference call held between IDT (International Discount Telecommunications) and their investors. Jim Courter, CEO of IDT, held […]

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  • Judge of the Day, Politics

    Judge of the Day: Tena Campbell

    Just a reminder from the Judicial Code of Conduct: “a judge should refrain from political activity.” And clerks too. Duh, right? Well, Utah’s chief federal judge seems to have “forgotten” about canon 7 in her excitement about Obama. From the Salt Lake Tribune: Judge Tena Campbell, a President Clinton appointee, donated $100 to the Democratic […]

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  • Politics

    Lawyers Poised To Rule The World

    The ABA Journal has sounded the starting gun on speculation about the lawyers ready to take prominent roles in the new administration. Depending on the presidential victor, names you know will become names that everybody knows. Let’s jump into the ABA speculation on an Obama Administration. For U.S.A.G: Eric Holder: Partner, Covington & Burling. Holder […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket 10.24.08

    * The media talk about Obama and the expected clean sweep of the government has pumped up Democratic tires so much that they think they can do the impossible: appoint two Democrats to the Texas Supreme Court. [Dallas Morning News] * The McCain-Palin efforts to recreate Florida 2000 in every state failed in Wisconsin. It’s […]

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    Open Thread: Free Law School in California

    At UC-Irvine, you get what you pay for: The new law school at the University of California, Irvine has dropped its original name, the Donald Bren School of Law, and plans to offer full tuition scholarships to students who enroll in the school’s first semester in fall 2009. This is excellent, because what we need […]

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    Reporting the Law: A Year-End Review

    Last week, we attended and reported on a talk at UVA Law School by Dahlia Lithwick, who discussed covering the Supreme Court. Now we bring you coverage of another interesting event, featuring more navel-gazing by legal journalists: Reporting the Law: A Year-End ReviewNew York Law School Moderator: Brian Lehrer, The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC Panelists: […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 10.23.08

    * An A.U.S.A has been immortalized in district court as “The Fat Girl.’ [Begging the Question] * You can raise taxes on the rich as much as you like. They’re not going to pay them. [TaxProf Blog] * A juror in Ted Stevens’s trial is having violent outbursts during jury deliberations. (Insert Trig Palin joke […]

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    A Progressive System of Lunch Redistribution Comes to Pennsylvania

    Perhaps one Pittsburgh School of Law student agrees with Obama and believes that wealth should be redistributed from the rich to the middle-class. Perhaps the student believes in McCain’s policy of redistributing wealth from the rich to the super-rich. Whatever is going on at Pittsburgh, we have another case of a dirty lunch stealer. From […]

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    And That Foot Is Me:
    A Shoe-Story Follow-Up

    More bad news, this time from the Los Angeles market. We’ve received word that O’Melveny & Myers has cut ties with five associates from their L.A. office. A tipster reports: There were at least 5 associates let go today in the OMM Los Angeles office. Ranging from first years to mid-level associates. I’m not sure […]

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    Accept Your Offers: Part III

    We warned you that you should accept your offers. We then demanded that you should accept your offers. But based on the comments, there are still some of you out there sitting on multiple offers. Career services people have taken note, and are literally begging their students to make a decision. The latest evidence comes […]

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  • Holidays and Seasons

    Halloween Ideas: Is Just Being a Lawyer Scary Enough?

    With Halloween around the corner, we imagine you may be desperately brainstorming costume ideas for next week. While clients may accuse you of being blood-suckers all year long, we know better. A few years back, we knew of a paralegal who donned tighty-whities over his suit, and spent the bulk of the Halloween night explaining […]

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  • Lawsuit of the Day, Trademarks

    Trademark Forfeiture of the Day: KHAN!!!

    Wonder why IP lawyers still have work? In the midst of a 177-page indictment against the “Mongols” biker gang, the government put in a charge invalidating the gang’s trademarked name. If prosecutors succeed, the feds will own the Mongols trademark and can charge patch-wearing gang members with trademark infringement; or, at the least, have one […]

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  • 5th Circuit, Edward Nottingham, Morning Docket

    Morning Docket 10.23.08

    * Lehman’s lawyer fees “could reach a record $1.4 billion.”[Bloomberg] * The RNC spent more than a first-year associate’s salary on clothes for Sarah Palin. So, when you are reading mind-numbing legal documents at midnight tonight and your friends are out partying, just dream of all the snappy red jackets you can buy. [Los Angeles […]

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