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Princeton Review Ranks Law Schools Too

princeton review law school rankings.jpgPrinceton Review has released its annual (nonsensical) law school rankings. This year we are treated to the Best 174 Law Schools Rankings. The rankings are divided into 11 categories.

In this down market, the Best Career Prospects category seems appropriate. The top-ten law schools are:

1. University of Michigan Law School

2. Northwestern University School of Law

3. University of Virginia School of Law

4. Harvard University Law School

5. Boston College Law School

6. Stanford University School of Law

7. The University of Chicago The Law School

8. New York University School of Law

9. University of Pennsylvania Law School

10. Boston University School of Law

Notice that Yale Law School isn’t on this “best career prospects” list. I dare somebody to get into Boston College and Yale and go to Boston College because they think that is a better career move. Send ATL both acceptance letters and a BC transcript, and we’ll send you $100 and a photograph signed by God.

More ridiculous rankings after the jump.

I also found the “Most Competitive Students” category to be laughable:

1. Baylor University School of Law

2. Ohio Northern University Claude W. Pettit College of Law

3. Brigham Young University J. Reuben Clark School of Law

4. Syracuse University College of Law

5. St. John’s University School of Law

6. Whittier College School of Law

7. St. Thomas University School of Law

8. Campbell University Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law

9. Thomas M. Cooley Law School Law Program

10. Albany Law School

Princeton Review says that these rankings were based on:

[S]tudent assessments of how competitive classmates are, how heavy the workload is, and the perceived academic pressure.

Baylor. Most competitive student body in the country. Wow.

Only the “Toughest to Get Into” (registration required) category seems to bear any relation to planet Earth. But even there, UCONN School of Law ranks 7th in terms of selectivity.

But hey, if it’s rankings, ATL, and a Pennsylvania based company … these comments should be awesome.

The 2009 Edition of The Best 174 Law Schools [Princeton Review]

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