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Tulane Law School: Showing Mr. Rogers How They Roll In Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood

Tulane steals Mr. Rogers shoe.JPGI know a couple of Tulane Law School graduates, and those people can party. And gamble. And eat what they kill.

Now, the Louisiana Children’s Museum knows how Tulane rolls too. The Tulane law school student body just received this email:

Students, we need your help with a theft that occurred at Barrister’s Ball. As you know, the event was held in the Children’s Museum. There was a display devoted to “Mr. Rogers” (Fred Rogers of “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”) at the top of a staircase. The display contained shoes actually worn by Mr. Rogers, on loan from a private collection. These shoes are therefore unique and irreplaceable.

During the ball one of the shoes was stolen, most likely by a student. The theft was noticed Sunday morning by the museum staff but not reported to us until today. I’m afraid I cannot overemphasize the gravity of this incident. It appears that one of the students of this Law School committed theft, a serious crime. It is also a violation of the Tulane University Code of Student Conduct. Moreover, what was stolen was of very high value. The stolen item must be returned immediately. Otherwise, the Law School may be forced to pay for the item and future SBA events held in venues off campus will be in serious jeopardy.

Until close of business tomorrow (Wednesday) we are taking a “no questions asked” approach to this situation. Our primary goal is simply the return of the shoe. If you know anything about this incident, please report it to Dean Netherton or myself. You can also communicate with SBA President [redacted]. You can report anonymously if you wish. If the shoe is returned to Dean Netherton’s office by close of business tomorrow, the Museum will not turn over the matter to the NOPD. If it is not, the Museum will turn over the matter to the NOPD. I hope it is obvious that being under suspicion or arrested in connection with this incident would have the most serious negative implications for your future career as a lawyer.

Thank you for your help,

Stephen M. Griffin

Vice Dean of Academic Affairs

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Mr. Robinson neighborhood.JPGStealing Mr. Rogers’s shoe has to be one of the most cynical things I’ve ever heard of. But what’s really shocking is that this arguably isn’t even the worst incident in the history of Tulane’s “Barrister’s Ball” (the school’s fall, black-tie social event).

Tulane has already been forbidden from coming back to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. According to one tipster:

When we were at the Aquarium the lights were dimmed and people managed to fornicate in the corners, do #1 and #2 as well. We broke into the offices of the museum and ransacked the gift shop. Oh, almost forgot, people decided to “feed the fish” by throwing food in the tanks.

These stories make Tulane Law School seem rougher than Mr. Robinson’s ghetto.

But seriously guys, give back the shoe.

UPDATE (10/22/08): Good news: the shoe has been returned. Hopefully the publicity given to this incident helped bring about this happy resolution.

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