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Update: It Is a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

Tulane steals Mr. Rogers shoe.JPGWe reported yesterday that students at Tulane Law School allegedly absconded with Mr. Rogers’s shoe from the Louisiana Children’s Museum.

Well, an intrepid trolley has returned the treasured keepsake. Let’s get the details….

The following email went out to students at Tulane Law:

I am pleased to announce that the shoe (Mr. Rogers) has been returned to the Children’s Museum.

By the way, emails I send to the student body are for the Law School only and I would appreciate it if you would ask my permission before posting them to a blog or anywhere else on the Internet. Thanks for your attention to this.


Stephen M. Griffin
Vice Dean of Academic Affairs

Hang on just a minute, Dean Griffin. One of your law students steals a piece of Americana from a museum for children not one year after befouling a public aquarium, and the moral of the story is “don’t post emails to the internet”? Instead of worrying about the public perception of Tulane Law School, you might want to spend more time worrying about the public comportment of Tulane Law students.

Something tells me that the many (many, many) students that sent around your Mr. Rogers email were not the ones stealing footwear and peeing on tropical fish. The Tulane students that publicized this incident are probably people you should be thanking for helping you recover the stolen property.

A heel tries the sole of Mr. Rogers [New Orleans Times-Picayune]

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