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Election Shenanigans Watch: Lawyers Working Hard

Shenanigans.JPGThe National Law Journal reports on the many, many lawyers who busted their tail (on both sides) making America a barely functional democracy:

In Ohio, New Hampshire and Virginia, lawyers scrambled to file court documents in election-related lawsuits. But in most states, lawyers were working to prevent litigation by fielding calls at centers housed at area law firm offices or traveling to polling locations to address voter concerns. Some states had unique issues, such as improper signage in Florida, missing absentee ballots in California and a shortage of interpreters for Asian-American voters in New York’s Chinatown.

Thanks to all who volunteered their time.

Nonetheless, a plethora of shenanigans ensued:

Jon Greenbaum, director of the Voting Rights Project, said the election did not go smoothly in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan and New Jersey. … The bottom line, according to Greenbaum: “The system is not designed to deal with a high turnout election and we’re seeing the effects of a lack of planning and resources.”


Malfunctioning Machines, Ballot Glitches, Election-Law Litigation — and a Busy Day for Lawyers [Law.com]

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