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Elizabeth Wurtzel: ‘Wow Really?’

wurtzel book cover.gifGenerally, it is not cool to make fun of people who don’t pass the New York Bar Exam.


However, Elizabeth Wurtzel puts us in a difficult position. A) She’s a public figure, B) She really doesn’t seem to care. When the New York Observer approached her with the news that Gawker alerted the world that she failed the bar, Wurtzel responded:

“Wow, really? I had no idea. I didn’t even see that. That’s interesting,” Ms. Wurtzel said of the report, with an awkward half-smile.

Well, what was she supposed to say?

I’m so ashamed and embarrassed, and Gawker has compounded my misery. I wish I could cry but I have no more tears left. I wish the public would just leave me alone so I can hang myself in the privacy of my own bathroom.

Why give the haters any opening? Going quietly into the night is a fine option.

So, why isn’t ATL just leaving her alone? After the jump.

After passing on the news to our readers yesterday, we were disinclined to join in on a Wurtzel pile-on. But then she had to go and say this:

“It’s a weird test. I think when you go to a different school than Yale you are better prepared for it. It was definitely hard. I guess when I should have been studying, I was kind of having a good time.”

I hate this line of logic. Every year there are like four people from Yale who take and fail the NY Bar. Every year, three of them complain that Yale “doesn’t prepare you for the bar exam.”

There are numerous, legitimate reasons for a person to fail the bar exam. Yale is not one of them.

Other than that piece of self-serving logic, we think Wurtzel has the right attitude to deal with failing the bar. It’s one test, it’s a hard test, and it’s a test that you can always study for and take again.

Congratulations to those who passed the bar.

For those who did not, keep your head up. There’s a lot of bad luck out there and it has to land on somebody. You didn’t kill your wife and whatever sins you’ve committed, you’ve paid for. So get busy living.

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