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Notre Dame Law Halloween Recap

notre dame law school logo.JPGAh, Notre Dame. Touchdown Jesus. Gorgeous campus. And … racist Halloween costumes?

Those are the reports we are getting as ND law students try to make sense of the school’s Halloween party. According to a tipster:

[T]he Phi Alpha Delta vice president, a 2L with political aspirations, showed up to this weekend’s Halloween party in black face. That was totally appropriate, right? You know, black face: nasty racist stereotypes, lynching, yes massa, cookies and rainbows, and buckets of interracial love? That kind of appropriate.

Black face. What a statement! Ha ha ha. Ha ha. Ha. … (this racism is killing me inside).

Luckily, an African-American law professor set things right:

Black trash-bag, sign emblazoned with the extremely tolerant logo: “Take me out with the rest of the trash!”, general aura of douchiness. He was apparently “dressed as Barack Obama.”

Nice to have positive role models.

African-Americans Notre Dame law students are calling for the professor to resign. The “black faced” 2L has … not been heard from since.

I can’t wait to see what these crazy kids have planned for Thanksgiving.

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