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Robinson & Cole/Heller Drone Comes to the Aid of Thelen Attorneys

Robinson cole logo.JPGThelen attorneys in NYC and Hartford have a new landing spot. Robinson & Cole picked up 30 displaced Thelen attorneys. According to the Connecticut Law Tribune:

The move adds heft to Robinson & Cole’s construction, real estate, employment and finance practice groups, among others.

“It’s a smart move and good pick-up,” said Connecticut-based law firm consultant Peter Giuliani, but not one that challenges Day Pitney’s status as the leading law firm in the state.

Of course, the Robinson & Cole press release shows no signs of Pitney envy:

The addition of these accomplished attorneys to Robinson & Cole speaks to our strength as a regional firm and will add considerable value to expansion of our New York City office, expansion of our intellectual property practice, and the addition of a prominent construction practice, all goals of the firm’s strategic plan,” said Robinson & Cole’s managing partner, Eric D. Daniels.

Meanwhile, back at the artist formerly known as Thelen, the situation continues to be fluid and confusing:

“At this point it is every group for themselves and not a coordinated top-down plan,” said San Francisco-based Thelen spokesman Kevin Livingston. “Thelen really doesn’t exist anymore. I barely know what is going on in San Francisco.”

Heller Drone comes to the rescue of a disorganized Thelen response, after the jump.

Thomas MacEntee.JPGHeller Drone — the staffer who organized the extremely helpful Heller Highwater website in the wake of Heller Ehrman’s dissolution — has partnered with displaced Thelen attorneys to provide them with the post-dissolution information they need. He has already offered some advice to ATL readers.

What’s more, he has finally revealed himself to the world. Thomas MacEntee was a techie at Heller when the end came. Legal Pad reports:

Turns out, MacEntee is a legal world vet. For the past 25 years, he was a techie at Heller, developing applications and training staff to use them. He also lists Skadden, Latham & Watkins and the USDA on his resume. He’s been a litigation secretary, a manager, a trainer, and applications analyst.

MacEntee has created Thelen the Pain for displaced Thelen employees:

[T]he emerging theme for Thelen’s support blog is medical, sporting the title “Thelen The Pain.” It will offer similar information, MacEntee said, including how to do Cobra, and how to find insurance on your own, as well as job postings and recruiter info.

Welcome to the wonderful world of having disgruntled lawyers know your real name, Mr. MacEntee. We’re sure you’ll be able to provide some great advice as ex-Thelen people find their way.

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