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Lawsuit of the Day: Patient Claims ‘Cure for Cancer’ Stolen by Doctors

In a complaint filed in Connecticut, a patient claims that she wrote down the cure for cancer while being treated at Hartford Hospital. She says that she gave the cure to her doctor for more research, but now she wants that research to stop — at least until she is able to patent her life saving ideas.

Luckily, she still remembers her cure, and included the formula in her complaint:

Cure for Cancer CN.jpg

So, if you got a spare laboratory lying around, this could be a good weekend project.

The specific relief she is seeking after the jump.

According to the complaint, this whole thing started due to a lack of “resources.”

I gave Doctor Bowers a letter with a configuration, which I indicated I wanted the Dr. and the Hospital to do the research [sic]. That Dr. was in need for resources [sic]. I stated that one of the configuration could possible treat or cure cancer. I express after research that we would agree on a percentage of the profit [sickity sic].

At some point — we don’t know when — the patient became aware of “patent law,” at least a TV version of the subject. This prompted her to request:

I have reason to believe that the research was being transfer out of jurisdiction. I wrote letter to the hospital stopping any further research until I patent the concept.

They’re selling it to the Russians aren’t they?

In the end, all the patient wants is fair consideration for her groundbreaking idea. Her request for relief is simply:

Resolve any dispute involving research, and research results. Also any financial term and percentage.

Unless you have the 10th grade science education lab results to disprove it, don’t sleep on crazy patient lady. Genius is a spark, not a state of mind.

Parkinson v Hartford Hospital.pdf

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