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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 11.30: Softball Diamond

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After another craptasticical week for lawyerdom, here’s your weekly dose of wedding cheer. Unfortunately, like many of the firms we cover on ATL, LEWW has been forced to make some difficult decisions. We had to show one set of newlyweds the door–entirely for performance-related reasons, of course, because LEWW doesn’t do layoffs.

Here are the two lucky-to-survive entries:

1. Lauren Attard and Jordan Schwartz

2. Anna Joo and Adam Fee

Read more about these couples, after the jump.


Lauren Attard and Jordan Schwartz

(Buy them a pie dish.)

The Case:

– Lauren’s undergraduate degree is from McGill University, often described as “the Harvard of Canada.” Unfortunately, she crowned that achievement with a JD from Fordham, often described as . . . Fordham.

– Jordan graduated from Duke and received his JD from the University of Michigan.

– The bride and groom are both associates at Kaye Scholer. They met while playing on the firm’s softball team, making them the only two associates in America who don’t regret signing up for organized firm sports (but we’ll check back with them in a few years).

The Case Against:

– Duke plays Michigan on Saturday for the second time in sixteen days. This matchup was exciting during LEWW’s college years, but recently it has become less so. One drubbing per season is sufficient, really.

2. Joo-Fee.jpg

Anna Joo and Adam Fee

(Buy them a bud vase.)

The Case:

– The only non-Harvard degree held by this two-lawyer couple is from . . . Yale. So, yeah, we’re pretty much in love. Anna is Harvard/HLS and currently clerking for Judge Joseph F. Bianco of EDNY (who’s rather good-looking for a judge).

– Adam is Yale/HLS; he also clerked for Judge Bianco, who officiated at the couple’s ceremony in Key Biscayne. He then clerked for Judge Joseph Sullivan, who filled Michael Mukasey’s seat on SDNY when Mukasey was appointed Attorney General. Adam is now an associate at Sullivan & Cromwell.

The Case Against:

– Not a lot of chemistry in their photo. It looks like she grabbed him off a construction site and slipped him ten bucks to stand in for her imaginary fiancé.

The Verdict:

Team Joo-Fee trounces the competition the way we hope Duke will trounce Michigan (again) tomorrow. Congratulations!