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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 12.7: The Luckiest

champagne glasses small.jpgIn response to the many queries we receive from couples hoping to be selected for LEWW (yes, we do get them — mostly from grooms, oddly enough), we’d been thinking about drawing up some submission guidelines (sort of like the NYT’s).

But we’ve got a better idea. Three words: pay to play. See, we’ve got this thing, and it’s f****** golden. You don’t just give it away for nothing. Call us; we’ll talk.

Here are this week’s candidates (only two again, because it’s December and the pickings are getting slim):

1. Nancy Kuhn and Bernard Nussbaum

2. Shira Tolins and Benjamin Roth

More on the newlyweds, after the jump.

Kuhn-Nussbaum.jpg1. Nancy Kuhn and Bernard Nussbaum

The Case:

– They’re 58 and 71. Do we really care where they went to school? Of course we do! The bride is a graduate of NYU; the groom is Columbia/Harvard.

– The groom, a former White House counsel under Clinton, joined Wachtell as an associate in 1966 and is now a partner there.

– Their story is very sweet. They’ve known each other since 1979 and reconnected in 2006 after their spouses died within days of each other.

The Case Against:

– “I feel like one of the luckiest men in the world,” says Nussbaum. We love the lawyerly hedging. Most grooms would say “the luckiest man,” but the Clinton lawyer and Wachtell senior partner says “one of the luckiest men.” Because absolutes could come back to haunt you in a deposition one day.

Tolins-Roth.jpg2. Shira Tolins and Benjamin Roth

(Buy them a duvet.)

The Case:

– Both the bride and the groom graduated from the University of Michigan, she with distinction and he with high distinction.

– Shira works in health care advertising in New York. Benjamin went to law school at Yeshiva and has an LLM in tax from NYU; he’s an associate at Chadbourne & Parke and looks way hotter on the firm website than he does here.

The Case Against:

– Phi Beta Kappa at Michigan, and you end up at Yeshiva for law school?

The Verdict:

The seasoned Team Kuhn-Nussbaum wins this contest easily. Congratulations!