Nationwide Layoff Watch: Fried Frank Stealth Layoff Update

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We are now able to report that at least 15 litigation associates at Fried Frank have been laid off in the past week.

At least 15 litigation associates, but the numbers could be higher. Multiple tipsters report that there are many “skeletons” in the Fried Frank closet right now.

Over a week ago, we reported that 15 corporate associates had been let go. At that time, we also said that the number of corporate layoffs could be higher than 15. We’ve received information since then that more than 15 corporate associates were laid off, but we can’t get a handle on the true number. So, conservatively speaking, we’re reporting 30 associates that have been let go from Fried Frank over the past two weeks.

More about Fried Frank’s layoffs after the jump.

Obviously, Fried Frank has decided to conduct their layoffs in a “stealth” manner. Fried Frank has given their laid off attorneys specific instructions to “keep quiet” about why they were fired. That said, all of the laid off attorneys we’ve been able to speak to told us that they were fired “for performance” reasons. Some claim that they were told that their billiables were too low.

However, in the litigation department at least, we understand that at least half of the associates who were fired were in the class of 2007. That’s something for recent Fried Frank hires to keep in mind. Most people feel that hours are beyond the control of your average second year associate, but apparently at Fried Frank low hours can be grounds for dismissal.

In terms of severance, the news is not much better. People have been given until February 1st to find new jobs, but it’s not really a severance package because they have to continue showing up to work in order to collect the paychecks.

How many 2nd year associates do you think will be able to find new jobs over the next two months?

The firm declined to comment about this story.

And the stealth layoff wheel continues to turn. Fried Frank is certainly not alone. Continue to send us tips about other firms conducting stealth layoffs, and we’ll continue to follow up.

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