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Nationwide Layoff Watch: Wolf Block Fires Mo Cheeks 15 Associates and Staff

WolfBlock Wolf Block Schorr Solis Cohen.jpgIf you watched any ESPN this weekend, you might have caught SportsCenter’s ridiculous coverage of Philadelphia 76ers coach Maurice Cheeks getting fired. Cheeks is the fifth NBA coach to get fired before Christmas (which is a record, apparently) and somebody at ESPN decided that it was appropriate to merge the “bloodbath” of NBA coaches into the larger story about nationwide unemployment numbers.

Therefore, I’ve decided to hand over the rest of this post to Stephen A. Smith so everybody can learn the latest about another Philly institution (Wolf Block) with the appropriate level of histrionics.

Holla! I got this from a SOURCE last week that Wolf Block was layin’ down the smack on 15 cats right before your Christmas or your holidays or WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT. They got the straight heave-ho yo!

My source tells me that the REDUCTIONS were based on the economics of America, not the performance of their ballers.

After the break, management talks straight.

We were able to get a spokesperson from WOLF BLOCK to confirm the news and views:

The numbers you note … are accurate.

That’s what I call the snap, the crackle, and the pop!

The firm didn’t tell us the exact breakdown between associates and staff, but they came correct to the press with the real pain, and that’s GOTTA HELP.

We know that the Wolf has been carefully managing its bottom line for some time. Back in August, they delayed the start date of first-year associates. Rolling back on 15 now seems to fit in with that earlier news.

In this ENVIRONMENT and ECONOMY, nobody is safe. But we got nothin’ but love for the 15 laid off from Wolf Block. At least the firm did the right thing by being UPFRONT with the layoffs. We’ll report more news on the Philly market AS WE GET IT.

… Thanks Stephen A. Good luck former Wolf Block associates and staff.

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