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Open Thread: The Time for Giving… To Lawyers!

We’ve covered gift-giving by lawyers, to their secretaries and administrative support staff. Now, it’s time to move on to gift-giving to lawyers.

This is an open thread to discuss best gifts for lawyers. Perhaps you can e-mail the post out to friends and relatives instead of compiling the hated gift wish list.

Scale of justice bling.jpgTo get your creative juices flowing, here’s a few ideas we came up with:

For the lawyers who like bling: Profession Gifts offers this pin up as “a beautiful clothing accessory that makes both a professional and fashion statement.” Indeed.

For the lawyer doing doc review around the country: We hate stripping down to go through airport security and unloading the contents of our carry-ons. While the shoes, the belt, and the metal bustier still have to be shed, laptops can stay in their bags according to a TSA policy change made this summer. The catch is that you have to have a special “checkpoint-friendly” bag (via USAToday). Here are some bags fitting the bill from The Week.

attorney work product baby bib.jpg

For those who work so hard that they never see their kids: It’s nice to remind the little ones of their absent parents. For Counsel has a whole section of “Gifts for Lawyers’ Babies and Toddlers.” We like the idea of branding the little one with this bib.

For the lawyer with lots of weird stuff on his or her desk: We might recommend Supreme Court Bobbleheads (if you can get one) from the Green Bag. Scalia’s up for grabs on eBay at the moment. Current bid: $102.50.

blindfold copy.jpgFor the kinky lawyer: A “justice is blind” blindfold.

So here’s an open thread to discuss what you want this year (besides a Skadden-sized bonus). What do you recommend giving to legal folk this holiday season?

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