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Truly Ripped from the Headlines

dolphin sex video.jpgA tipster asked us: “Did you catch this week’s Law & Order – SVU? The judge had to recuse himself because they found porn on his computer during the course of a porn-addiction case.”

Sound familiar? It may remind you of this recent case (although the L&O episode involved dolphins rather than donkeys).

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We missed the episode, but here’s an excerpt from an online plot summary:

Back at the squad, Stabler says that Greyleck told him that Lutz is “going down” because he “popped up in court” today. But Benson is not happy about it, saying Greyleck put Laurel Andrews through this for nothing. She shows him a video of a dolphin looking as if it were having sex with a woman. It was on Judge Mordock’s file server along with other suggestive images. Someone may be gunning for Mordock. If it comes out, it could trigger a mistrial.

Confronting Mordock he tells Greyleck he is skeptical this information came to the detectives via anonymous email. He thinks it’s from the idiot law clerk he filed [sic] last year. He said they were goofy pictures on his private email. She tells him it jeopardizes the case, and he says that he has to recuse himself and declare a mistrial.

The author of the review was troubled by the dolphin smut:

[T]he real oddity was the dolphin video. I mean really, did we need that? I wonder how Mariska [Hargitay] and her Joyful Heart Foundation, which has used dolphins for therapies for victims, felt about that.

And, can someone explain just how exactly Olivia got access to Moredock’s private server to get the video to begin with? They seemed to imply she got the emails from a former clerk he had fired, but I don’t quite get how she got access to his server.

We can’t quite get a mental picture of this dolphin-sex video. But we’re not sure we want to.

Law & Order SVU “Smut” An Unclean Case [All Things Law & Order]

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