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Associate Bonus Watch: Kasowitz Matches Skadden! Sort Of!

law firm associate bonus watch 2008 biglaw bonuses small.jpgLet’s start off 2009 with some good news. Litigation boutique Kasowitz Benson announced bonuses just before the New Year, and will be paying out Skadden dollars at the end of the month.

So don’t stick a fork in the New York market just yet.

Associates at Kasowitz are understandably ecstatic:

It really is a fantastic place full of extremely smart trial lawyers that sometimes litigate, as opposed to all of the other firms where litigators sometimes do trial work.

There are a couple of wrinkles. Unlike Skadden, the Kasowitz memo contains language saying that bonuses will be “up to” Skadden levels. According to the firm, individual payouts will be based on a couple of factors:

As in prior years, the above are benchmark amounts which are subject to adjustment to reflect individual performance and hours worked.

Still, our tipsters expect that most people will receive the full amount:

I have never heard of people not getting the full amounts that are stated. We are crazy busy and have been so I would say most will.

The mere opportunity to receive an above market bonus should be enough to have Kasowitz associates singing the firm’s praises well into the new year.

Read the full Kasowitz memo after the jump.

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