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Funny Craigslist job listing makes us sad

Craigslist.jpgApparently, many ATL readers are conducting their job searches via Craigslist, because this posting has appeared in our inbox more frequently than lobster references in the comments.

We’ve already mentioned it in Non-Sequiturs, but we’re returning to it to beg you to stop sending it to us, and to give you the story behind it. For those not in the know, here’s the legal job listing that many a job searcher has stumbled across:

Associate Attorney (Midtown West)

Reply to: [?]

Date: 2009-01-13, 5:41PM EST

Fast-paced 20-attorney law firm looking for an eager associate to join our growing practice. We understand that you may be a newly-admitted attorney looking for their first job. We also know that the economy is harsh right now. However, we are willing to give you a chance. Here are the details of this spectacular opportunity:

* Your salary will be $30,000 per year. We understand that this may be on the low end (since you probably are six figures in debt), but we will be able to give you unlimited opportunities for experience and you’ll be making six-figures soon enough. On the other hand, we will bill our clients $300 for every hour of your work; at least you will know your work is valued by us in several ways.

* There is no health insurance, but we have an on-site 2nd year medical student who will abide by the upmost professional standards take care of any illnesses or injuries that occur, both on-site and off-site.

* You will be expected to work 12 hour days, six (6) days of week. You will be afforded 1 week of vacation time, and three (3) sick days. Your vacation time is limited to the months of January and February, as we will need you to be in the office while the partners are taking their time off in the summer. The good news is that you will earn vacation and sick pay as soon as you start. The only holidays that the Firm observes are Christmas and Thanksgiving, but you must work a half-day, as we are a busy and important firm who adheres to our clients’ needs.

* Your bonus, if earned (by billing 2100 hours per year), will consist of a one-year membership to a “food-of-the-mouth” club of your choice. In 2008, every associate took advantage of this valuable program and has benefited greatly for their hard work and dedication.

Please email resume, cover letter, salary history, law school and college transcripts to the address above. We will also need you to take a drug test. All resumes and credentials will be held in strictest confidence

Ridiculous and hilarious, right? Obviously a joke? Well, we talked to the guy behind the ad — a contract attorney who’s looking for a permanent firm job himself — and he says he has received over 100 e-mails, including two from recruiting agencies, in response to his satirical listing.

Find out which recruiting agencies, and the story behind the posting, after the jump.

The job lister is a 30-year-old New York attorney, who has been doing contract work since he graduated from a New England law school in 2005. (For those curious, he makes about $60,000 a year). He’s currently trying to find a permanent job with a firm, and grew frustrated with some of the terrible opportunities he’s come across — e.g., wanted: transactional attorney with 1-3 years of experience, pays $35,000.

To ease the building frustration, he decided to create a funny listing mocking the situation. He even paid $25 to put it up. He received over 100 e-mails in response, some wanting to confirm it was a joke; others saying, “I think this is a joke, but just in case…” and attaching their resumes; as well as 10-15 straight applications, with cover letters and resumes. One resume included a J.D. from U. Penn., claims the lister. (He says he deleted e-mails immediately, and did not retain personal information or salary histories.)

Times are bad, my friends. Two of the e-mails came from recruiting agencies: Strategic Legal Solutions (a serious agency) and Park Placements (we’ve never heard of them, and their website is under construction). The lister posted the e-mails here. We assume they’re just standard form letters that these agencies send out to all job listings on Craigslist, but still…

The contract attorney who posted this expressed sadness about the response. “Applicants need to have faith in themselves. Anyone who went to law school is better than this [fictitious] job.”

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