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Good Exclusive Parking Lots Make Good Neighbors

White and Case logo.JPGCalifornians, as we understand it, really care about their cars — and their parking spots. So White & Case’s latest maneuver out in Palo Alto could mean war:

White & Case’s Silicon Valley office is in a Palo Alto office complex shared with several other firms. Historically, all the parking, including a large parking garage, has been shared among all firms.

Apparently, White & Case used the downturn in the commercial lease market to renegotiate its terms with the management company. Just after the new year, around a dozen primo parking spots in parking garage were rebranded to indicate that they were for “White & Case guests.” This did not sit well with the locals.

But if you think that White & Case backed down, you’ve got another thing coming. Details after the jump.

Since we’re talking about California, nobody is going to be surprised that the new parking policy inspired a little civil disobedience:

Those with a more socialist streak ignored the designation and parked there anyway, filling the spots in a lame (but amusing) show of public disobedience. This apparently did not go over well with the powers that be at W&C, who started tracking who was using the spots. Starting today, crude warnings starting appearing on windshields, warning that the re-appropriation of the spots would not be tolerated.

Below is the copy of the windshield warnings:

White and Case windshield warning.jpg

This is going to escalate. The protesters are going to vacate the parking spots, but then release a swarm of pigeons. Then White & Case will have no choice but to release the bats….

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