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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 12.21-1.4: Winter Thrill

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The winter wedding announcements are often a prestige wasteland, but we’re actually quite pleased with the caliber of the couples we’ve been able to round up for the first 2009 edition of Legal Eagle Wedding Watch (which admittedly includes some entries from late 2008).

Here are your contestant couples:

1. Bella Sewall and David Wolitz

2. Daniela Jampel and Matthew Schneid

3. Jaime Teitelman and Howard Wachtel

Click on the link below to read more about these newlyweds.


1. Bella Sewall and David Wolitz

(Buy them some applewood grilling planks.)

The Case:

– It’s unusual to see an announcement with such stellar educational credentials in the dead of winter. Bella was summa at Harvard, and David graduated with honors from Stanford. They have twin degrees from Yale Law School, where they met.

– Bella works at the Solicitor’s Office in the Department of the Interior, where she micro-sub-specializes in “American Indian water rights.”

– David is an associate professor of legal research and writing at Georgetown.

The Case Against:

– They are achingly typical Yalies, with earnest, do-gooder jobs, and earnest, do-gooder parents (“Physicians for Social Responsibility,” “labor-management arbitrator”). Yawn.



Daniela Jampel and Matthew Schneid

(Buy them a picture frame.)

The Case:

– This couple met as undergraduates at Cornell. They’ve pursued law degrees at different institutions, she at Fordham and he at Yeshiva. We imagine one of those is more prestigious than the other, but we can’t bring ourselves to look it up. Commenters, please enlighten us.

– Daniela is a first-year associate at Chadbourne and Park (she’s not on the website), while Matthew is a 2L.

The Case Against:

– They appear to be standing in front of a faded painting of some rural landscape. We suppose it’s better than a stark white wall, but what about going outside and letting actual sunlight warm your pallid complexions?


3. Jaime Teitelman and Howard Wachtel

(Buy them a muffin pan.)

The Case:

– This couple met during high school in East Brunswick, NJ, where “[l]ove blossomed at a Model United Nations conference.” Cute, in a sad way.

– Jaime went to Penn State (seriously!) and works in marketing for Disney. Howie was cum laude at Georgetown and has a law degree from Duke; he’s now an associate at Simpson Thacher.

The Case Against:

– Wachtel with only one L = less prestigious.

The Verdict:

It’s an earnest, plodding time of year, so perhaps it’s appropriate that the earnest, plodding couple takes the crown this week. Congratulations, Team Sewall-Wolitz!

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