Non-Sequiturs: 01.14.09

Everything is bigger in texas.jpg* Things lawyers like might include austere legal tomes or presidential biographies. But really, the tipping point has reached the tipping point and has now fully jumped the shark. We need to stop drinking the kool-aid and throw the tipping point under the bus. [Litination]

* It looks like the new DOJ will be well versed in the first amendment. And hey, that’s the only one that really matters right? [Underdog]

* This whole “does having a blog generate business” question is at least generating a lot of blogger buzz. Good job Mark Hermann. And rest assured, if I ever get arrested trying to get my glaucoma medication through airport security, I’m coming to you for representation. [Legal Blog Watch]

* American Idol is suing the Palazio’s Men’s Club in Texas over “Stripper Idol.” You know what that means … Texas stripper photos! And since some commenter apparently thinks I’m cool with sexism, enjoy the beefcake. [Popsquire]

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